Home Sweet Home – for now.

Welcome to my apartment! I don’t know my address, but I know how to get to it from the bus stop at Gokbanjeong-dong Carport.door403

We have this fancy keyless entry thing on our apartment door. I will admit that the first time that I tried to leave, I got stuck in. I might have also had a time of trying to get back into the apartment from the outside and might have been grateful that Jubilee was home.


Come on inside, and I’ll give you the grand tour – but it is customary in Korea to remove your shoes upon entering one’s home, so I hope you have on good socks!


Once you enter the apartment, your first view is of the kitchen and washroom. Very exciting stuff.


 If you look to your right, you see the cooktop, sink and counters/cabinets. That’s where the magic happens come dinner time. lol. We don’t have a lot of space, but it works.


To the left, are the bedrooms and refrigerator/microwave tower. The translucent doors you see behind the refrigerator go to the washer room!


I’m so excited to have a washer, and I’ve just noticed that it has stopped – it was my first time using it, so I hope I used it right! My roommate likes to use the washer as a hamper, it seems.


so, I took her clothes out and put them on the floor while I washed. She’s out for the night, she’ll never notice. 😉


Airing racks are quite dear over here, so I’ve not yet purchased one – I hope to inherit one from another teacher who is leaving soon, so I just bought some plastic clothespins and am going to attempt to use my hangers to let my clothes dry. Jubilee has the inherited airing rack in her room, but I don’t want to invade her privacy by going in there – though i was just handling her panties, so would it be that much of an invasion? lol. (i keed, i keed!)

Aside from having a washer in the apartment, this apartment is pretty much just like any kind of student apartment you might find at most college campuses. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a student apartment, just an economy one – but I could be wrong. I haven’t really run into my neighbors, and if I did, I prolly couldn’t talk to them anyway, so who knows if I’ll ever find out.

What was that? I didn’t show you the bathroom? Well, it’s just like any other bathroom, if you were to stick a bathroom inside of a giant shower stall.


Yep, you heard correctly – the entire washroom is one GIANT SHOWER STALL! Those sandals next to the toilet are our shower shoes, there is a drain on the floor and that is indeed the shower head running alongside the cabinet there on the right. I heard that often there is a shower curtain to pull so that the towels and toilet tissue don’t get wet, but we don’t have one. When I shower, I do so very carefully. The shower tap is hooked up to the sink tap – there is a knob you turn when you want to use one or the other.

Lastly, I want to show you my bedroom. I didn’t bother straightening it up or anything, so you are gonna see it just as it was when I started to work on this post.


So, this is exactly how it looks right this very minute, except, I’m now sitting on the bed in front of the laptop. For whatever reason, I don’t have a bed frame, which sucks, but I will have one in my next place. I also don’t have any sheets. I have two comforter things, one of which is used as a bottom sheet. I wish I hadn’t unpacked that sheet I was going to bring with me. :-/ Also, yes, that is my breakfast sitting on my bed. I’m eating while blogging – in bed – because if you recall, I showed you no tables or chairs in my whole apartment. I pretty much do EVERYTHING on my bed.


The other side of my bedroom looks like this. I have just bars for clothes instead of a wardrobe and I am still living out of my suitcases. The big suitcase is my hair dryer, non-daily toiletries and the like; the smaller one is socks, underwear, etc. I’m not the biggest fan of living like this, but this is only temporary – I’ll be getting a single apartment closer to work at the end of next month.

And, I don’t know why there is a ginormous TV in my room, but whatev. The remote control isn’t anywhere to be found, so we’re hoping that the last girl who lived her might have taken it to her new place on accident. If that is the case, I’ll have it soon and can have some access to Korean language and pop culture at my leisure. 🙂 The story behind the TV is that a few years back, it was purchased for a guy who was here to teach in order that he could play his video games. When he left, it stayed and has been handed down to new teachers when they arrive.

I hope you enjoyed your tour and that you will come back again soon! I love having visitors!


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – for now.

  1. I love the pink toilet seat! Mike thinks its absolutely genius to make the whole bathroom a shower stall. Love your blog!

    1. It kind of is rather clever – but also a little annoying because it seems like it’s always wet in there! My flatmate gets the whole thing wet every time she uses the sink – not unlike my mom! (love you, mom!)

      I should take a picture of what the toilet lid says – it’s a weird little phrase thing about nature and God or something.

  2. Nice! My first couple of weeks in the UK I had to sleep on a single red air mattress with a white sheet with nothing else in my room except for the 2 boxes of my clothes and books I shipped over. It was hot, no air-con. I sweated into the sheets and they turned pink. Good times!

    1. I wish I had had an address to ship things to before I moved here, but I didn’t – prolly for the best as I’ll be moving soon. My mattress is on the floor and the heating is IN the floor – so my bed gets quite warm and toasty – i’ve learned that sleeping in flannel PJs is NOT the way to go until my Kiwi flatmate moves out and I can turn the heat down!

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