Quickie: Monday Lunch!

I know y’all have been dying to know the “real” Korean foods I eat – so here’s what we had today!



This is lunch. (Top row, from left) We have a marinated hard-boiled egg. Zucchini (?) Kimchi in the center, neighbored by some type of squashy-pumpkin type of thing. The egg just tasted like a regular hard-boiled egg. The kimchi, like kimchi. But the pumpkin stuff was kind of meaty, not unlike a portobello mushroom. In the big compartments, plain steamed rice on the left and a mussel soup on the right. 



When snacktime rolled around, tempura-battered sweet potatoes were on the cart. These aren’t the orange sweet potatoes we’re used to in the States – but they don’t taste terribly dissimilar.


This was what was left of the potatoes after the kids had eaten their fill – a lot was made!



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