The electronic umbilical cord returns!

Friday, I got my long awaited for hand phone! A Galaxy SIII. I’m not too fond of white cars or electronics, but with this lime green case thing, it’s ok. 🙂 I’m still working on setting this baby up – such a laborious process. :-/


Many of you know that I tend to name my electronics, but this poor guy doesn’t have a name yet. What do you think it should be? I also need to get a micro SD card for it – stupid me, I left my microSD card in America. :-/ My American phone (HTC OneS) doesn’t take an SD, so I can’t pirate it from there.


My co-teacher and I (hi, R-T!) got a message telling us to go meet our director at her main office in order to pick up our hand phones. We were stoked! We got to her office, and she tells us that we need to go to the phone store and pick them up – they’ve been ordered and whatnot, we just have to fetch them. Well, thankfully R-T was with me, because otherwise I would have been SO overwhelmed with the process!

We walked down the block – past like THREE different mobile shops to get to the one we were going to. They all were called T World, so I am not quite sure what the differences between them were, save for address. Neither R-T nor I speak Korean, but this is her third year here in Suwon, so she can understand more than I. We were told just to walk in and tell them the name of our school and they would take care of the rest. Yeah, that isn’t quite what happened.

So, we go into the shop and tell the guy the name of our school and he was so confused. I dug out my American phone so that I could give the phone number of my director to him so that she could explain. Amazingly between R-T and myself, we were able to dissuade him from using my mobile to call her and direct him to the shop phone instead. He couldn’t reach her. Fortunately, while we were trying to figure out how to communicate, another guy walked in and knew exactly how to help us. whew!

While guy #2 was getting everything set up for us, R-T and I sat in the shop, browsed, people-watched, and speculated about our new phones. I also took pictures “for my blog”. R-T is a new reader of the blog and when I pull out my camera, her battle cry has become, “Blog it!” I love it! It makes me feel a little less like a doofus for taking pictures of everything when I have a blog cheerleader – she needs a uniform. 😉

2013-01-18 18.19.20


This is one of the pictures R-T told me I should take. This is a dummy phone at T World – obviously advocating “How to live White.” From what I understand, Koreans are obsessed with America and white culture. I don’t understand much about it yet – so I’ll leave it for another blog post.


2013-01-18 18.26.12



We sat in T world for like 30 minutes. The guy on the right is guy #2 and he’s been caught in the act of working on setting up my and R-T’s phones. 🙂

Now that I have the darn thing, I’m kind of afraid to use it! LOL. I was so used to unlimited minutes, texts and data back in the States – having to monitor my usage here is going to take some getting used to.

I have learned that THE way a lot of Koreans get around limited minutes and texts is to use KakaoTalk. If you Kakao , you can look me up – my ID is nrdygrly. 😀



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