Quickie: Monday Lunch (Snack Bonus!)


okay, so apparently something ate this post….it posted, then was gone. whoops. so, here is Monday again.

Egg, yummy kimchi, sweet potato greens, some sort of green leaf soup and steamed rice.

Best kimchi so far!

and then this afternoon, there was an extra steamed bun glutinous rice thing!

2013-01-21 15.03.09 2013-01-21 15.02.16

It was filled with red bean paste. This red bean paste isn’t as sweet as that I’ve had in the US, but it was quite tasty!


4 thoughts on “Quickie: Monday Lunch (Snack Bonus!)

    1. It is TP! I grabbed it from the washroom b/c kleenex is kinda expensive here. we used it that day to clean up a spill. My classroom triples as the cooking classroom and the lunchroom.

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