Quickie: Thursday Lunch!

I’ve been here just shy of three weeks and I’ve totally noticed a pattern with the school food – we eat a lot of fish and eggs, sometimes even separate from each other. lol. I would never previously have thought, “Mmmmm…..let me grill up some fish and make an omelet.” – but I might now. 🙂

So, you might be able to guess what  today’s lunch was!



If you guessed “fish omelet” you get a star! Today’s lunch: Potatoes (sauteed? and yummy!), more of that delicious turnip/radish/whatever kimchi, fish omelet, green leafy soup (spinach?) and steamed rice!

For snack today, the kids ate their own creations, Cereal Cupcakes, which they made in cooking class. They are such sweethearts that often, during cooking/snack time they will share their snacks with us teachers. Today was one of those days that a few of the kids brought me pieces of their snack.



The boy in the yellow was the first to share. This is them enjoying it – and the kid in the stripes doesn’t even like chocolate, but he seemed to enjoy this! The snack is made up of “cornflakes” (Frosted Flakes) and melted chocolate – super easy and the kids enjoyed making – and eating – them! (us teachers thought they were a bit on the sweet side)



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