Quickie: Monday Lunch (& Dinner!)

Today, I ate lunch with the wee little kiddies at our sister school. The kids I have been working with, for the most part, have started regular school, so our English classes are in the evening now. I spent the first part of my day at the sister school getting to know the kids who will be coming to my school in March.

I think it’s funny that at this school, the teachers get big trays. I’m so used to the kid-sized ones that I filled my big one with about the same amount of food as I fill the small one with!



Starting at Top Left: Lettuce/Mayo salad, turnip kimchi, breaded pork cutlet with a sweet-clovey sauce, onion & potato (?) soup, steamed rice.

I did end up getting a little more rice, kimchi and pork.

We had the exact same thing for dinner, so I didn’t bother to photograph it. I REALLY loved that sauce though. It was awesome mixed into the rice – I wonder if she made it or if it is a pre-packaged thing.


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