TuesNesUrsday’s Meals

This week, on Monday, I started my late schedule. :-/ I’ve been forgetful at night about actually creating my posts, obviously – so today, I have 3 days’ worth of school food for you! fortunately, I eat pretty much the exact same thing noon and night, so that makes it easy. lol.




Starting at Top Left: Sesame coated dried whole anchovies, cabbage kimchi, fried pumpkin-zucchini stuff, potato and onion and beef soup, steamed rice.

This was okay. I really liked the fried pumpkin-zucchini stuff. This was the SECOND time this week I’d eaten those fish – I went to a Korean restaurant Sunday with my friend who wants to be called “Danny.” More on that later, though.

As promised, dinner was almost exactly the same – but let’s play “Spot the Differences.”



Top left: fried pumpkin-cchini, cabbage kimchi, egg thingie, onion and potato and beef soup, steamed rice. 

If you said the big difference was egg and fish, you’d be right. I skipped the anchovies on the night, and “grandma” whipped up a little egg thingie for dinner.


I really like tofu. 



Top Left: kimchi’d cucumber, cabbage kimchi, stir fried tofu, green leafy veg soup, steamed rice

I ate lunch at the kindergarten again today, but I didn’t sit in a classroom with the kids. I almost forgot to take a picture of my lunch – that’s why there is only one little piece of kimchi’d cucumber in that section!



This is what the kids had for snack. It’s called spicy rice cake or something like that. They were complaining that it was spicy, so I tried one – there was a little bit of an afterburn! It kind of looks like pool noodles coated in BBQ sauce. The texture is like, um…i don’t know – It’s kind of gummy, and the sauce tastes a lot like BBQ sauce.





As you can see, we had the EXACT same thing for dinner, with the addition salted seaweed chips. 

The seaweed chips are kind of like potato chips, but not at all crunchy. They are quite delicious, however!




Top Left: Sauteed green leafy thing, turnip kimchi, mushroom of some sort, tomato-based pork and veg soup, steamed rice.

This might be my second favorite soup – next to the mussel soup. I wasn’t, however, a big fan of the leaves. I did try them again at dinner, but I still wasn’t crazy about them.

WHEW! I’m stuffed all over again just looking at all this food!

See you guys tomorrow!


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