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Fish Heads, Fish Heads….nibbling on my toes

Last weekend – Saturday, to be exact – the girls I work with and I all went to Seoul with one purpose in mind: visit Dr. Fish.

Dr Fish is actually just a little sub-section of this cafe in Gangnam called Restree. There are many Dr Fish locations all over the world, though only one in England and two in the US – both in Virginia. Well, according to this Wikipedia article.

We had gone to Seoul in a couple of groups, because part of the group wanted to go to an art exhibition and the other part not so much. I decided to forgo the exhibit because of an anorexic budget. The pictures I saw from the exhibit were cool though!

We hopped the #3007 bus to Seoul, getting off at Gangnam Station.

2013-01-26 16.12.55

Sorry this pic is soooo blurry. I’m using it anyway, so I can give you a sense of how packed the underground shopping world at Gangnam Station really was. This isn’t even as crowded as it was in some spots. Considering I sometimes have panic attacks in heaving throngs like this, I did amazingly well. I just did a lot of deep breathing and mental re-direction to avoid having one.

R-T and I meandered through the crowd for a little bit, waiting on I-T to arrive – she took a later bus than we did. It was too cold to spend any more time than necessary outside, so we made do with the warmth of the underground.

When we finally went terrestial again, this is what I was greeted with:

2013-01-26 16.23.46

This is true Gangnam Style. (lol) We still had a little time to kill while waiting on the art gallery girls to join us, so we found the Restree cafe, then headed to Krispy Kreme for a snack and some warmth.

2013-01-26 17.10.33

This is only the 2nd Krispy Kreme I’ve ever visited – the first one was in the Chicago-land area. I got an Americano and a Green Tea Pistachio doughnut.

2013-01-26 17.05.57

It tasted like a frosted glazed doughnut – I could taste the nuts, but not the green tea.

When we finally got to the cafe, we had to get another drink as part of the Dr Fish package. This time I got a Honey Cinnamon Latte.

2013-01-26 18.53.07

We also got free bread. 🙂 That orange bread was slightly sweet and so good! There was plain white bread and some blue bread too – but my fave was the orange.

After we finished 2nd snack, we headed up to the Dr Fish Zone!

2013-01-26 18.40.36

The first thing is to remove socks and shoes. Then, you get your feet washed, so that any oils or lotions you have on your skin aren’t transferred to the fish.

There are two troughs – the one on stage left is full of tiny little fish. The one on stage right is full of bigger fish. I went straight to the big fish, because I didn’t want to crowd up the little fish trough.

2013-01-26 19.21.28-1

OMG. I have super ticklish feet – It was hard to get a good picture because I kept moving so much!


This is more accurate of a picture of when I first started in the pool – after a little bit though, you get kind of used to the fish kisses.

At only ₩2000 plust the cost of a drink, it is not only fun and a bit pampering, but super inexpensive!


It was a great experience all around – I really like the girls I work with!


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