Quickie: Friday Lunch/Dinner

I meant to post this on Friday, but I have been feeling lousy all weekend. :-/ 

anyway…on to the food. 



This was lunch Friday. Dinner was much the same, except we had regular red cabbage kimchi instead of that white non-kimchi kimchi stuff. lol.

top left: Sweet Apple/Lettuce/Mayo salad, non-kimchi’d kimchi (baek kimchi?), air, onion and potato soup, steamed rice with this black bean/ground beef/veggie stew kind of thing over the top. I don’t remember what it was called, apparently. I tried to google what I thought it was called, and I got nothing. It was pretty decent though.

Ok, I tried a different google approach – and maybe it’s Jajangmyun? R-T had said that she prefers it with noodles instead of rice, and that it is commonly served with noodles.


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