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Tourist on the Town

Today, I finally made it out and about to check out my new home a bit! When I left my apartment this morning, I pretty much only knew how to get to and from work – but now, I can go further afield! yay!

Don’t think I’m too brave though – I had help from this super sweet guy, Sean*.  😀 [*name changed to protect the innocent. ;-)]


We met up at one of the 2 places I knew how to get to – LotteMart! He helped me get a T Money card (a transit fare card) and then we went for lunch at Kong’s RiceBall.

2013-01-20 12.37.27

This is what we both had. Mine is the cheese and roe rice ball toward the front with the roe on top and the pumpkin porridge with the black sesame seeds. He had the red soupy stuff and a tuna salad rice ball. It was quite yummy! I’d definitely go back – cheap too!

After lunch, we went to the Suwon Station area.

2012-08-04 05.23.11

We stopped for a soft drink at Caffé Bene, where I had a Sweet Potato Latte and he had a plain yogurt smoothie. We then headed to the underpass to cross over into the station itself.


As we were descending, I saw a lady hocking snacky type foods at the entrance to the underpass – including a barrel of roasted (?) bugs. I’m not sure what kind of bugs they were, but Sean did indeed confirm that they were bugs. I didn’t stop to take a picture or to try any – that’s an adventure for another day. 😛

In the underground world that is the underpass, Sean showed me how to refill my T-Money card on the machine, how to manoever through the melee and where to go for the subway. Once that was accomplished, we were ready to hop on the bus to head out to the local UNESCO World Heritage Site,  Hwaseong Fortress.



While we were there at the fortress, we got to see a few really cool demonstrations of ancient Korean martial arts. It was nice that it was narrated in Korean, Chinese and English!

2013-01-20 15.03.38


After the demos, Sean and I went inside the fortress to look at the displays they had set up.

Right inside the entrance, there was a little game the kids were playing.

2013-01-20 15.20.18



The object was to toss your arrow into the bucket thing. There were different sizes – and it was so hard! lol. I did manage to get one in the bucket though! yay me!

2013-01-20 15.22.07


Before Sean and I started playing, it was only kids we saw participating – but after we started tossing arrows, a grandma came up and started tossing them too! We’re such trendsetters!

We ventured further into the fortress and were able to see the dioramas they had set up showing life back during the time in which the fortress was inhabited. Is diorama the right word? oh well, it’s the one I’m going to use. (of course, I had to google it – and yes, it is the right word!)

2013-01-20 15.26.40                        2013-01-20 15.27.38

After checking out the dioramas, we trekked up the hill. The very steep hill.

2013-01-20 15.29.47

This is the base of that hill. see that white line through the trees behind the sign? Yeah, that’s the steep hill.

When we got to the top, there was a pagoda to rest in AND a spectacular view of Suwon!

2013-01-20 15.32.19


Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 16.31.09 PM

Since I heard that there were not enough pix of me on my blog, here’s a pic Sean took of me in the pagoda!

That was two whole weeks ago now – this was a glorious weekend for being outside – or so I hear. I bet it would have been a great day to head back out there! Since admission is only ₩1500, it is a remarkably cheap day out!


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