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1 cook, 2 lunches; radically different.

Howdy y’all! As ever,  I’m behind and have so much to catch up on –  but I’ve not forgotten!

I’m always asked about the school lunch.  They got boring and repetitive,  so I stopped posting.  I also didn’t have anything nice to say about them. But,  for those die hard lunch plate fans, here are a couple of distinguished plates for you.

Lunch #1


This lunch from a couple weeks ago was bland, boring and lacked any real substance.  This was by far the least satisfying lunch to date.

We have from top,  l-r: sesame seaweed, kimchi, broccoli, onion and potato soup and black bean (?) rice.


Lunch #2


This was the best lunch we’ve had in a long, long time.  It had both flavor and substance.

From top,  L- R: sautéed mushrooms, kimchi, egg, fish cake soup and rice.



In other news:

*I’m dating again,  so I’ll start writing up some stories from dates gone by.
*my mom is coming to visit for a week!
*I’m leaving my current school.
*I’m starting at a new school in Seoul next month!
*I got a toaster oven,  so I will be cooking more once I move.


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