Fitting in the Fix

I’ve always been terrible at sticking to schedules – especially at self-imposed ones.

Since starting the 21 day fix in July, I’ve started over like 4 times. It’s been particularly difficult to adhere to a workout schedule since Boogerbutt doesn’t always stick to a sleeping schedule – nor does he like to entertain himself for very long.

However difficult it might be, I’ve just been taking it one day at a time and not giving up.

The same goes for the eating part of the 21 Day Fix. Most of my culinary repertoire isn’t necessarily fix friendly, so I’ve had to learn some new tricks. I can’t recommend the Fixate cookbook highly enough. The recipes are both tasty and simple.

We’ve been eating a lot of these things: baked fish, quinoa, banana oatcakes, and spinach/mushroom omelets. This isn’t *all* we get to eat, not by a long shot. They just happen to be the things we’ve really taken a liking to!

I created a page for clean eating recipes and will be uploading recipes as I get a chance to!


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